Book on 15 Latin American artists is presented in Miami



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Book on 15 Latin American artists is presented in Miami

May 9, 2023 at 7:30 p.m., 15 Flourishing Latin American Artists in Miami will be presented at the Coral Gables Museum in Florida. It is the first volume of the book series 15 Latin American Artists in South Florida, conceived with the purpose of publicizing the work of creators from different Latin American countries living in South Florida.

Under the conception and editorial coordination of Venezuelan art curator and critic Katherine Chacón and Pan Paniscus Art Services, with graphic design by Olga Kelbic, this volume compiles the work of a group of artists from Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. American curators Megan Carnrite, Jared Christensen, and Kelly Zhong―all MICA graduates―contributed critical essays on the work of the artists in this publication. The artists featured are: Juan Abuela (Cuba), Luis Altieri (Argentina), Morela Avilán (Venezuela), Julio Figueroa Beltrán (Cuba), Astolfo Funes (Venezuela), Maria Andreina Gonzalez (Venezuela), Luis La Rosa (Venezuela), Leonardo Moleiro (Venezuela), Rafael Montilla (Venezuela), Marianela Pérez (Venezuela), Ileana Rincón-Cañas (Venezuela), Felix Carmelo Rios (Puerto Rico), Rosario Rivera-Bond (Dominican Republic), Wuilfredo Soto (Venezuela), and Sandra Szkolnik (Peru).

According to Katherine Chacón “South Florida, and particularly the city of Miami, is an extraordinary culturally-rich community formed by the gathering of dozens of diverse groups that hail from all corners of the globe. In the art field, the confluence of creators who different traditions, styles and narratives is notable. However, these artists―whether beginning or re-starting their careers―must be inserted into a new cultural environment. They need platforms that allow them to show and discuss their work, as well as engage with professionals conversant with current critical approaches. Exhibitions, publications, talks, and other vehicles are some of the ways that artists can become integrated into the dynamic and plural cultural environment of the United States. The book series 15 Latin American Artists in South Florida was conceived to contribute to this task”.

15 Flourishing Latin American Artists in Miami is fully English-Spanish bilingual and will have an institutional distribution for public libraries, curators and interested critics. It will also be available in digital format through the ISSUU platform. For additional information, email:

     Trina Oropeza, vice president of the non-profit organization Imago x las artes, will provide opening remarks to introduce the title.

Photo Cover: Edwar Simal Chang

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