Planning for the July 12th Luncheon

Planning for the July 12th Luncheon Preparativos para el Almuerzo de Julio 12 You cannot miss it! Fashion, Fun, Raffles and Gifts in a delightful ambiance and supporting a noble cause ‘Best Buddies’ the charity organization founded by Anthony Shriver and his wife Alina. The Tenth Anniversary of PORTADAflorida is being planned at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach.  Yvonne Salas, International Director of PORTADA joined by Marta Weinstein. Public Relations Director and Robin Gutilla, Catering Manager of the hotel working on the finishing touches for the great event to take place on July 12th at noon.  Space is limited. So make your reservations as soon as possible at y 561 744 4700 No se lo pierda! Moda, Diversión, Alegría, Rifas y Regalos en un ambiente elegante y apoyando a una noble cause benéfica ‘Best Buddies’ fundada por Anthony Kennedy Shriver y su esposa Alina. Así celebra PORTADAflorida su Décimo Aniversario.  Robin Gutilla, Gerente de Catering del hotel, Yvonne Salas, Directora Internacional de PORTADA y Marta Weinstein Gerente de Relaciones Públicas del Hotel Colony, dan toques finales a la organización del divertido evento en el Hotel Colony de Palm Beach Reservaciones y 561 744 4700

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